Thursday, March 15, 2007

Never Forget What Technology Really Is

In my last post I spoke about implementing technology for the right reasons. The "right reasons" are really more about the appropriateness to the need. That need is identified through the Behavioral Engineering Model I presented. If it is determined that a tool is needed to help people perform better within a business process or work environment, then it is likely the right choice.

I also mentioned that tools (those that come in the technical variety) sometimes are implemented to solve business problems for the sake of the technology and not so much to solve the problem itself. When this happens, it's hardly an appropriate solution. Sometimes the technology choice is trendy or a way to "keep up with the Jones'".

Technology isn't necessarily a cure-all for business problems. Most folks think of technology as computers, machines, software, web applications, etc.. In reality, these are the artifacts of something greater. Technology is the application of scientific and applied knowledge.

Through human performance improvement we can still apply technology to solve business problems even though its not of the technical, physical variety. I know it may sound surprising, considering PinPoint Performance Solutions is dedicated to supporting companies implementing technology solutions to improve performance, but by viewing the business problem through the lens of human performance improvement we can ensure it is appropriate and equally cost effective for the client.

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