Monday, March 5, 2007

PinPoint Performance Solutions Mentioned in Recent Idaho Statesman Article on Blogging

Last Friday, PinPoint Performance Solutions was mentioned in an Idaho Statesman article on business blogging. While we weren't mentioned in the main story, a portion of my comments on business blogging as it pertained to Fisher's Document Systems made it to the sidebar. As they say, some press is better than no press.

Two weeks ago I was approached by Idaho Statesman reporter, Ken Dey, to comment on the blogs written by Corey Smith at Fisher's. Here's the full text of what I had to say.

I think business blogs much like the ones maintained by Fisher's gives the reader, or in this case the customer, a transparent look at the company. They get a better understanding of the "why" behind their business versus the normal box and service pitch-selling we've become accustom to over the years. Moreover, they are able to build a relationship with the customer by educating and informing them of their industry and how it can benefit them. That to me is the ultimate sales tool.

I maintain two blogs myself, one for my consulting business and the other for a business professional organization I run. I do it for much of the same reasons I think Fisher's does for their blogs - to educate and inform, to build relationships and create a sense of community. In the end, it's about creating overall value for the reader with the content I write.
Of course, I'm not nearly as excited as Oliver Fritsch of Cendesic. A follow-up article was written the next day with Oliver's tips and advice for starting a business blog.

What does all of this mean to business? Blogging and the web 2.0 technology behind it has leveraged the way businesses reach out to their customers both current and potential. I see this movement continuing to grow and those that are able to embrace it will create a presence for their businesses that they have never seen with their traditional marketing.

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