Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tips and Shortcuts to Enhance the Usability of Popular Microsoft Appliations

Rarely are the best tips and shortcuts to enhance the usability of the more commonly used Microsoft applications ever published. Most of the time we learn them from friends or co-workers.

There's a website called BNET that I receive regular e-mails with links to business tips and advice ranging from marketing to finance to the occasional technology trick. Here are some links to some tips and tricks that were recently sent to my inbox:

To download these articles you'll need to sign up on the BNET website. (What!? Another website to sign up for! No worries.) The information on the website is worth it and you can control what you receive from BNET or opt out of their e-mails entirely.


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Leslie said...

Glad you liked the BNET software tips and shortcuts! And thanks for your kind words about BNET as a resource. Just wanted to add that BNET membership is free, too.

Leslie Leite
Community Manager