Monday, May 14, 2007

New Website to Bring Together Boise Innovators

Since I started this blog, I never set out to promote local items of interest primarily because I considered my readership would be spread out across the nation and perhaps overseas. However, when I see a good thing I want to talk about it - especially when it has something to do with technology.

In the Boise area a new website, or blog if you will, has been launched called TechBoise. It's a great example of how a usable form of technology can be put into use to bring together diverse groups of people on one particular subject. In this case it is technology. MSNBC recently ran a story on how Boise will be one of the next thriving technology centers in the US in the years to come. TechBoise will be a part of that serving as a forum for people in the industry to share ideas and show the world just how unique and innovative our city is.

For companies looking to leverage technology internally as a way to support collaboration and spur innovation, look to this site as a great example. Also, if you are in a thriving tech region in the USA or in another country, a site like this can really draw some much needed attention to those interested in investing in start ups or supporting them through complementary products and services.

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Tac Anderson said...

Thanks Justin,
We hope to lend a voice to the small but passionate tech community (however you define that) here in the Treasure Valley. It's all about the people behind the companies. And we do hope to raise awareness not just in the valley, but throughout the world of the good thing we have going on here.