Sunday, August 12, 2007

PinPoint Performance Solutions is Taking a Blog Vacation

Since starting this blog late last Fall, I have managed to write close to 70 posts about the subject of usability, user-centered design and how software, websites and web-based applications fit into the overall process of most businesses.

It's time now to take a short break. Until the end of August, I will be focusing my energies toward some personal and professional goals and stepping away from adding new posts to my blog.

It is only temporary.

Upon my return, I am sure I will have much to talk about. Until then, have a great August.


lgeis said...

Hope you had a nice break, JB! Now get back to the wordsmithing!

Justin Beller said...

I shall - right after Labor Day. I've got quite a few things to write about both here on this blog and over at the blog for TVCNet (