Thursday, September 13, 2007

Using Acrobat and PowerPoint to Create Interactive User Interface Prototypes

While taking my blog break last month, I had a little time to do some research and find two very interesting articles on how to use Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft PowerPoint in creating user interface prototypes that are interactive. This is goes way beyond paper prototypes and basic screen captures and gives people a sense of how a website or web application will behave when a user interacts with it.

Here are the articles:

I'm always fascinated when we find new uses for applications beyond what we commonly utilize them for. The greatest advantage to using these two applications for interactive user interface prototypes is that you can be confident that almost everybody you work with, who needs to see these prototypes, will have these applications or at the very least reader versions on their systems.

If you have any other suggestions for uncommon uses of software that we may take for granted, I welcome them.

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