Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Get It Now: Using Twitter Social Networking Technology In Business

OK, I finally get it.

After playing around with Twitter for a couple months and doubting it's value to our society, today I had an epiphany (my favorite word, by the way). I had that "A-Ha" moment were I saw the practical use of this social networking application in business as I followed the "tweets" of George Seybold of Seybold Scientific.

I had the pleasure of meeting George a couple months ago and included him in my social network ala Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. George is attending Idavation, an annual business and technology conference that takes place in Boise once a year. Because of prior commitments I was not able to attend, but George's brief posts to his Twitter account updated me on the keynote speech by Gary Hoover. Interesting content - and I'm sorry I missed it.

A few weeks ago I discussed how SMB's can use social networking applications to enhance their business. I talked about LinkedIn and Facebook. Now add Twitter to that list. I purposely left out Twitter because I still didn't understand how it could be used in a practical manner. For example, microblog a seminar so those who can't attend still are in on the discussion as it is happening.

George was able to make me see the light. Looks like I might have to write an addendum to that post. I know I'm late to the party, but I finally get it.

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