Thursday, May 22, 2008

What Should The Role Of Information Technology Be In Business?

What is role of Information Technology (IT) in your business? Is it to support business functions or does it take an active role in leveraging technology resources to make business functions efficient and effective?

I read a recent blog post from the TriState CIO Forum written by Michael J. Miller where he reported on the challenges and successes centered on IT discussed by many CEO's and executives from such well known companies as and Six Flags.

What I learned from the post was that IT should play more of a central role in business and do less support.

In most companies, and in my own personal experience, IT tends to be more reactionary than proactive. If IT were to play a more central role in the planning and execution of business plans, it can do more to leverage the technological and human capital a company possesses. Plan and execute accordingly and there is less of a need to throw all of your company's IT resources into support which, when it comes down to it, is more about putting out fires and putting band-aids on problems.

I know I might be provoking a heated debate, but before you comment please read the Miller post and then form your own opinion. I welcome the discussion.

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