Friday, August 1, 2008

Building Effective Training in Five Easy Steps

Training is a crucial part of successfully implementing technology in the workplace to improve overall performance. It goes without saying, but if people don't know how to use the technology to their advantage it will be treated as an obstacle and ultimately rejected.

Many people I have met in the IT industry are bright and talented when it comes to the technical aspects of their job, but some have admitted to me personally when they need to link the people to the technology they are using - teaching them how to use the technology - it's not one of their strengths.

A Knol has been created on this topic, Building Effective Training in Five Easy Steps. I think it will help those in the industry who have been assigned to conduct training in their workplace and I invite anyone to read it and contribute to it if they have any additional insight on the subject.

Training doesn't have to be a difficult task if you know and understand its fundamentals.

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